We promote copyright education through various activities.

JCEA holds seminars and symposia to help improve the appropriate handling of copyrights and to enhance understanding of copyright issues. Copyright problems in the educational arena are a key issue in Japan's "cultural development" and "rights protection," and interpretations often differ among legal scholars and specialists. Decisions must often be made on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, a common framework for understanding copyrights has yet to be formulated. Lacking such a framework, both rights holders and users need to actively express and discuss their ideas, and new rules must be created.

Every year, JCEA strives to improve people's understanding of copyright issues by holding seminars and symposia, as well as by sending lecturers to give talks to teachers at academic meetings and school study groups. JCEA also take active part in the community involvement and support arts and cultural events by sponsoring art exhibitions, painting competitions and various creative writing competitions including Storybook contests, nursery songs contests and poetry contests.

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