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JCEA is a non-profit organization that provides filing services for requests to use copyrighted works to promote the just and fair use of copyrighted materials in the educational arena.
Today, we handle the copyright work related to educational materials and school newsletters for more than 250 junior high schools, senior high schools, and universities.

Asscociation Name
JCEA, Japan Copyright Educational Association

5-19-9 Fueda, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0027, Japan

Our Aim
Improve understanding of copyrights among educational institutions
Provide copyright-related education
Promote the appropriate use of copyrighted works

Services and Activities

1. Provide consultations on copyright issues

2. Hold seminars on copyright education

3. Copyright Clearance Services

1) Handle rights for the secondary use of entrance exam questions.

2) Handle rights for the use of copyrighted works, such as educational materials (textbooks, workbooks), by third parties.

3) Handle rights for the use of copyrighted works, such as e-learning materials, by third parties.

4. Conduct research on copyrights

5. Provide referrals to attorneys and other professionals

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